stuart harrison, illustrator,cartoonist,character designer, animator, kid's graphic illustrations

Character designer, animator, cartoon and children's book illustrator

Character design

Stu specializes in character design and is skilled at producing character designs with a broad range of applications: He can design graphic characters for packaging, advertising, point of sale, promotions, web campaigns, online entertainment and public information posters etc.

If you need a character logo or mascot design then Stu’s the man! He won’t actually wear the foam suit but he’s used to designing those too.

Stu is a design consultant for the children’s media industry and brand licensing industry. He’s had character based intellectual property optioned and successfully licensed his character designs for apparel, gifts, publishing and confectionery.

He is expert at refreshing existing brands and bringing clients’ own characters up-to-date, to a new audience.
Stu can personify anything you throw at him: Fruit, vegetables, ‘urban vinyl’ toys, kidneys etc….