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Character designer, animator, cartoon and children's book illustrator


Stu works for a broad range of clients from blue-chip companies to individuals needing a one-off cartoon.
No job too big or small! Just give me a call!

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Undeterred by his scruffy facial fuzz (characteristic of a cartoonist) the new media supremos, Preloaded, asked Stu to deliver some flash ready graphic illustrations for their client, Gillette, to promote the Venus range of razors online. The job went very smoothly…


Virgin Holidays asked Stu to do some visualizing for them and animate their Doc Holiday character for their web advertising.
He bears more than a passing resemblance to The King… or Morrissey maybe. Stu likes to draw cartoon characters who look like his super hair heroes.


Stu created a long-running series for a family of characters for Tesco mobile and broadband services. The finished artwork was a collaboration with Astounding Fish and the character designs were used on in-store posters, signage, point-of-sale displays, leaflets and trolley stores. Every time his wife went to the supermarket she would tell the lady at the till, “My husband designed those characters. That’s actually me up there you know!” She got to know security quite well…


Stu stayed well out of the sun and in the total shade of his studio designing ‘The Sunwise Set’ a friendly gang of sun-smart cartoon children’s characters for NIVEA which appeared on their website, products, packaging, posters and in books and educational materials and learning resources. Stu’s bright cartoon style has great kid-appeal and is the perfect vehicle for communicating important messages to them in a fun and exciting way.


Walltastic are an award-winning company (Smarta 100 Winner 2010) producing children’s wallpaper murals who have commissioned Stu to do several FANTASTIC 8ftx10ft murals as part of their range. The murals included cartoon pirates, cartoon fairies and cartoon aliens.


These new mascots for the Scottish Swimming Association created a splash! Stu’s waterproof character designs were used as part of an incentive scheme to learn to swim.


Stu is an experienced mascot designer. He can design mascots for charities, causes, corporate clients, brands, sports clubs, events and public initiatives.
He designed Cwtch, the Donate Wales ‘Tell a Loved One’ campaign’s mascot to raise awareness and highlight the importance of joining the Organ Donor Register. The mascot appeared in communication media and Stu designed the costume character to promote the issue at public events.


Mercia world is a huge adult e –learning website created by Liverpool’s award-winning Mando HYPERLINK "http://group.It/"Group. It was nominated for a Big Chip award, North West’s annual awards for digital excellence. Stu provided all the visual content for this heavily animated site.


Russell Stott at Nike Athletic dept commissioned Stu to refresh their existing vintage character, ‘Govey’. Stu updated the 1980’s sports character, giving it a classic look for contemporary Nike apparel. Stu’s new design for Govey was also turned into a limited edition collectible toy.


Stu's graphic illustration style was perfect for engaging icons and revitalised branding for Merseyrail. His friendly, simplified characters were a runaway success and also used for information posters, signage and promotion of the railway company.

National Geographic Kids

Stu illustrates the regular genius column for National Geographic Kids magazine. He’s produced humourous historical illustration, humorous science illustration and biographical comic strips for famous historical characters such as Shackleton.


Stu co-designed the successful Fruit Winders characters for Kellogg’s with Steve Williams. They originated the concept and developed the characters for advertising, packaging and product. They provided all the visual content for the Fruit Winders website, worked on TV commercials and viral marketing and wrote and art directed extensive press campaigns.


Stu was asked to personify BT phones as superhero cartoons. He can turn any inanimate object into a cute character!