Character designer, animator, cartoon and children's book illustrator

Stuart Harrison - illustrations, animations and characters - an eclectic range.

Why, why WHY did you click on ‘Freak flag’?!

Now you’ll get to see the innermost workings of Stuart Harrison AKA Lord Beastly’s mind…! These are the things he draws just for fun when he’s not being a commercial illustrator.

Yes, as a break from designing cartoon characters, drawing comic strips and producing illustrations all day he puts his feet up at night on his wife’s nice coffee table and strews the sofa with sheets and sheets of A4 paper full of these weird scribblings…

biog Launching himself with spectacular verve into an unsuspecting media world in 1991, Stuart Harrison’s mission to avoid working for his Dad in the family meat pie firm was successful and he’s been able to work for Kellogg’s, M&S, Motorola, Clarks, Warner Music, Asda, Disney, Sony, Sainsburys, Woolworth’s, B.T, Olivetti, Virgin Records, Jarvis Construction, Orange, WEA, MTV Hong Kong, Oral B, Walls, Toys R Us, Mars, Start Rite, TESCO, Channel 4 and NIKE (to name but a few of his many blue-chip clients) instead. His work has always been diverse: One day he’s storyboarding a feature length animated film to be presented to Dreamworks; The next he’s hand customising a Kid Robot Dunny for a “Vinyl Klash” exhibition in Detroit… He genuinely enjoys his job as ‘illustrator to the gentry’ but these are a few of his stand-out favourite projects: He just did it for NIKE ATHLETIC DEPT! 'It' being a redesign of their 1980's character, Govey. His refreshed version of their icon was used across a range of apparel. PRELOADED, the website supremos, commissioned Stu to produce artwork and character designs for CBBC's LEVEL UP TV programme website which won a BAFTA award for Best Children's Interactive Website. Close to home Stu worked with Liverpool's MANDO group to produce all the artwork on Mercia World - a huge e-learning site which was nominated for a Big Chip award, (Northwest's annual awards for digital excellence) Stu created long-running mobile phone family characters for TESCO (using his wife as a model who sometimes shops there and could look up at the checkouts to see herself sitting feet-up on the sofa, sipping a cup of coffee, having a natter… ironically!) Stu co-designed the award winning concept and characters for KELLOGG’S FRUIT WINDERS when they launched in the UK and was a co-consultant to the continuing development of the brand including packaging, point of sale, promotional campaigns, TV commercials, scripting and animating website content, print advertising, viral marketing with Cake Media, and related merchandise. Stu designed a range of cake box packaging for M&S. The monster cake box included a cut- out -and keep mask which the design team liked so much they asked him to design the actual cake too! His Caterpillar cake has proved an enduring kid’s party favourite and several other companies’ derivatives of his original design have wriggled onto the market since... STU’S NEWS (This bit as a Blog?) Stu now draws regular comic strips for Signature Publishing. Dinoboy appears monthly in Dinomite magazine and Turbo Racer is the eponymous star of Turbo Racer magazine. Both exciting strips are written by Stu’s partner, Angela Salt. The two of them have valuable experience producing comic strips based on their own intellectual properties for TOXIC, The Dandy and Easy Peazy On a much BIGGER scale (8ftx10ft that is!) Stu has recently partnered with award-winning company, Walltastic, designing ready-to-hang children’s wallpaper murals on a variety of popular themes. Stu is widely experienced in Educational Publishing and has recently completed a range of books for Macmillan in Mexico and a series of workbooks for OUP, both long-standing clients. TESTIMONIALS: Tristan Eaton, creative director of both Kidrobot and Thunderdog studios in the US: "Stuart Harrison is a cartoon visionary. He's personally one of the most influential artists I've a teenager I met 'Stu' and was blown away by his complex world of bizarre characters and fantastic creations. His unique approach to color and characterization make him a goldmine for the luscious aesthetic so thirsted for in our modern culture. It's an honor to work with him & the results of our collaboration are stunning.” Julian Evans MD Walltastic. I found working with Stu an absolute pleasure and he is fantastically talented. I will endeavor to work with his company for many years to come as he is unique, and nothing is a problem.He always brings wonder and creativity to the table and are a company of excellence.