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Character designer, animator, cartoon and children's book illustrator

Stuart Harrison - character illustrations for tv, film, media, books, comic strips and packaging.

Stu Harrison illustration

Cartoon character design,
Children's books, Promotions, Advertising, Magazines, Editorial, Greetings cards, 2D animation, Cgi-Flash, Avatar design

character design illustrations by Stuart Harrison,

Hi! I'm Stuart. You can call me 'Stu'. Cartoon illustrator and character designer to the gentry. Step inside my cartoon world and I'll show you my etchings... Well, not technically etchings, more my wide range of cartoon design and illustration for publishing, advertising, branding, product and packaging, children's media, charity organisations and new media. I've got twenty years' experience satisfying diverse clients' needs. I'm quick, on brief, on time and professional. If you've got an idea of what you want or you want someone to come up with great ideas for you then I'm your man - 24HR creative dynamo!

My character designs have been turned into cgi animation for TV advertising; used in nationwide press and poster campaigns, online and point-of-sale promotion. I've refreshed existing well-known brands and helped develop new brands. I've designed backgrounds and characters for websites and games, virtual worlds and avatar designs for online social environments.

My cartoon illustrations have been used in children's books, magazines and comics, educational publishing and learning resources. My styles of illustration are graphic, colourful and fun and perfect for editorial illustration, children's publishing, character-led branding and advertising. I work happily in Flash to produce eye-catching characters and designs for animation.

However, if you're after 3-D characters in foam I can create those too! I've designed mascots which have been turned into costume characters. I'm always up for a challenge and can provide you with bespoke, original illustration whatever you need! I'm happy working in a variety of styles and mediums and will undertake 'experimental' commissions - You want a model in Victoria sponge? No problem! I've designed cakes and their packaging for M&S. Limited edition Urban Vinyl toy designing? That's my FAVOURITE kind of work and I've done that too, for Nike. That job was a PEACH!

So give me a call and let's see what we can do together.

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Stuart Harrison, character design
Stuart Harrison, characters for tv and animation Stuart Harrison, characters for children's publishing Stuart Harrison, characters for children's books
Stuart Harrison, characters illustration Stuart Harrison, characters for tv and media Stuart Harrison, characters for advertising Stuart Harrison, characters for tv and animation
Stuart Harrison, characters for tv advertising packaging Stuart Harrison, characters for tv and packaging Stuart Harrison, characters design Stuart Harrison, characters for animation
Stuart Harrison, characters for books Stuart Harrison, characters for commercial Stuart Harrison, characters design and licensing Stuart Harrison, character illustration


Tristan Eaton, creative director of both Kidrobot and Thunderdog studios in the US:

    "Stuart Harrison is a cartoon visionary. He's personally one of the most influential artists I've a teenager I met 'Stu' and was blown away by his complex world of bizarre characters and fantastic creations. His unique approach to color and characterization make him a goldmine for the luscious aesthetic so thirsted for in our modern culture. It's an honor to work with him & the results of our collaboration are stunning.”

Julian Evans-MD Walltastic.

    "I found working with Stu an absolute pleasure and he is fantastically talented. I will endeavor to work with his company for many years to come as he is unique, and nothing is a problem.He always brings wonder and creativity to the table and are a company of excellence."

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