Character designer, animator, cartoon and children's book illustrator

Kid's Stuff

Father of three, Stu can now excuse his immature behaviour and childish sense of humour as empathy with his own offspring: “I’m doing it for the kids!”

Their friends at school think it’s ‘totally cool’ to have a dad who’s a cartoonist and has been on the telly doing a speeded-up cartoon illustration for BBC Inside Out.
“Can your dad REALLY draw that fast?!”
“Oh yeah… He’s a ‘PROFESSIONAL cartoon illustrator’. He can do really good comic strip sound effects as he draws too.”

Stu’s brightly coloured style is perfect for children’s publishing. His children’s book illustrations work equally well in full-colour for book cover art or as black-and-white line for interspersed text illustration. He’s illustrated two books for Scholastic in a comic-book style. He enjoys producing funny illustrations for children and his cartoon drawing style is perfect for joke books and kids’ humour. He can incorporate hand drawn typography for book titles.